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What Our Clients are Saying
  • If you need an attorney who truly cares to help contact Mr. Ventura.
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    “I initially contacted Mr. Ventura to get a consultation with regards to a family case. I’ve had several consultations prior and the previous attorneys were not as helpful or understanding as he was. He was not able to provide me the service I needed so he referred me to a colleague. He was extremely professional, respectful, charismatic and overall helpful. Had he provided the services I needed I would have hired him on the spot. If you need an attorney who truly cares to help contact Mr. Ventura.”


  • I too highly recommend Mr. Ventura as he is seasoned with many years of experience
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    “I was referred to Mr. Ventura from a previous client who has used his services and highly recommends him. I reached out to Mr. Ventura and he called me back promptly answering all of my questions giving me very specific and detailed information/advice of what to do and what not to do. He was very knowledgeable and professional, direct and to the point. I too highly recommend Mr. Ventura as he is seasoned with many years of experience and very up to date/familiar with current Family Law rules.”

    Wendy R.

  • Great attorney!
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    “Great attorney! He is the man that you want on your case. Mr. Ventura is very knowledgeable and professional.”

    Millicent C.

  • Mr. Ventura and his firm make you feel like you are the only client that matters.
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    “What I appreciate the most about Mr. Ventura and his firm is that they make you feel like you are the only client that matters. Mr. Ventura is a no nonsense kind of man, and that’s exactly the dedication I need. In the court room, he gets to the point and handles the opposing attorney with adroitness and firmness.”

    Janice M.

  • I highly recommend his firm!!!
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    “Mr. Ventura did an excellent job!!! His firm made it easy to get through a very difficult situation. He informed me on all my options to make the best decisions for my family. He was tough and stood up for me when I could not do it for myself. I highly recommend his firm!!!”

    Christina C.

  • Would highly recommend.
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    “Mr. Ventura and his staff were exceptional in my divorce process. They answered all my questions whenever needed and made the process as comfortable as possible. Would highly recommend.”

    Bernice V.

  • Honest, great listener, and compassion for his craft!
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    “Honest, great listener, and compassion for his craft! Communication, respect, and understanding are all part of the rapport that we should look for. He is it.”

    Jamie E.

  • I am forever grateful for their support and persistence.
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    “Mr.Ventura and his Staff are very attentive and aggresive! they helped me win Sole Custody of my daughter. I am forever grateful for their support and persistence. Thank you”

    Naivy P.

  • Highly recommend
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    “I like his professionalism and the way he handled my recent divorce. The process was faster than expected with positive results.”

    Alicia M

  • Truly care and exemplify excellent customer service.
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    “Attn: Bill Mc Ewen RE: Service Date: September 15, 2017 Dear Mr. Mc Ewen: I am writing to you, Mr. Mc Ewen, as a follow up to my conversation with you earlier today. I want to formally give you some feedback on two employees associated with your company. I want you to know, in my opinion, these employees are assets to your company. Let me take a few minutes to elaborate. I contacted your company on September 13, 2017, about a problem I was experiencing with a Goldman unit I purchased from your company installed May 2014. I spoke to an individual, who I later learned was Ms. Cassie Williams, and as best as I could explain the problem. I was impressed, first of all, that she instantly knew my name- guess it was a link you have between your telephone service and your customer database. She told me she could have a technician at my residence the next day. Due to the scheduling conflict that date was not feasible. She then told me she could schedule a service call between 8:30 am and 10:00 am on September 15, 2017. Today just before 8:30 am a technician rang the doorbell. He promptly identified himself as Michael with MA Williams, and that impressed me. I explained, once again, the problem as best I could. He went upstairs in my attic and within minutes, or so it seemed, he discovered the real problem, and shortly thereafter resolved it. Being the inquisitive and curious person that I am I asked "tons" of questions which he took his time answering them. After talking with Michael I decided to take advantage of your company's maintenance contract. This contract I believe will give me the best chance of eliminating the problem I encountered with my unit. I jokingly, and yet seriously, told Michael I like to have him designated as the "go to technician" to service my unit in the future. Nowadays, it is very common to find vendors that take advantage of their customers and do not provide value for their money, but coming across such great service really makes feel good. It is very reassuring to see evidence that there are individuals like Ms. Williams and Mr. Michael Bowles who truly care and exemplify excellent customer service. Consequently, I could not resist the opportunity to convey a few of my thoughts to you. Sincerely, Willam W. F. Jr.”

    William F.

  • His knowledge and experiences have been the foundation of my defenses, which have proven to be a winning combination for me.
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    “I started my professional relationship with Jerome in 1997. Wow 20 years!!! From the beginning he has handled all my legal needs within the Family Law parameters: Separation, Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation and even my Will and Estate paperwork. Even when I needed additional legal advice he has guided me and gave me excellent advice and recommendations outside his expertise. Most importantly, to me, thoughout all the processes and through all the legal issues he has represented me while helping me maintain my self-respect and promoted me to the legal system as a great father and person. During this professional relationship, I have noticed the respect he receives from his peers, judges and staff members thought out the Broward County court system. His knowledge and experiences has been the foundation of my defenses which have proven to be a winning combination for me. Thank You Jerome For All That You Have Done And Been To My Family. ”


  • Highly recommend!
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    “A true professional that really shines in court and treats clients like family. Mr. Ventura strikes the right balance of aggressiveness with his vast knowledge/experience of family law and adds in his ability to negotiate to a great outcome. Highly recommend!”

    Christine S.

  • Mr. Ventura was definitely the best choice
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    “Mr. Ventura is an excellent attorney. His extensive knowledge of family law is second to none. Throughout my case, he was thorough in explaining each step of the process, was there for each and every of my many phone calls, and coached me through one of the most difficult experiences of my life. In the courtroom and through mediation, he was aggressive.”

    Martin R.

  • He also was truthful with me.
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    “I had a phone consultation today and I must admit my nerves were all over the place. Jerome made me understand the different ways things could go. But he also was truthful with me. I must say after the 30 minutes we were on the phone, I felt like I understood things a little better. He isn't even representing yet, but I would love to have him on my side when the time is right!”

    Toni B.

  • His advice, ethics and professionalism makes him the top family law attorney in south Florida.
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    “I initially retained Mr. Ventura in 2005 for family law issues, to include the basics (monies, time-share, responsibilities, etc.). Those issues were handled quickly and aggressively. Since my initial retainer of services in 2005, I have had to call upon his experience a few more times for minor issues that arose, each ending successfully. I just recently finished an extremely acrimonious time sharing dispute and Jerry was with me every step of the way. Although I was not the only case Mr. Ventura had on his calendar, I was always treated and responded to as a priority. As a client, we tend to lead by emotions. Mr. Ventura, through his explanations and suggestions, enabled me to leave my emotions at the door and deal with the facts. An attorney/client relationship is one that should have respect and trust, which I what I experienced with Jerry Ventura's office and his staff. His advice, ethics and professionalism makes him the top family law attorney in south Florida.”


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