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During a family law proceeding, emotions can sometimes get in the way of reaching a solution. With the frustration involved in trying to hold on to property and agree on how each family member will move forward, bringing in a third-party professional can help. A mediator, as they are called, can assist couples to reach a mutual agreement while staying civil.

What is the Mediator's Role?

The mediator’s role is to facilitate resolution of the issue by presenting an impartial, unemotional analysis of the factors and successful communication with the parties as to the true intent of the participants. This often leads to preventing misunderstandings and reaching a settlement agreement. In mediation, there is no requirement to come to a resolution and statistics show that more than 70% of the controversies are resolved. This saves litigation costs and expenses and helps the parties to be able to go forward on an amicable basis. At the Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura in Pembroke Pines, we provide mediation services to families located all throughout Broward County with divorce or other family law concerns.

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How Mediation Can Help With Divorce

Divorce is an emotional drain whether or not it takes place in a courtroom. By involving a certified mediator to help, couples can reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both without spending all that time dealing with the legal procedures of family court. This helps the parties to save time and money, and it helps them preserve a relationship in which to work together for the benefit of any children involved.

A mediator can assist with many aspects of divorce, including:

  • Acting as an unbiased third party who helps both parties reach an agreement
  • Helping people understand that they are not as far apart as they think
  • Seeing through anger and emotions to reach the key issues
  • Assisting parties in coming to a mutually acceptable agreement

Provides control and flexibility

Mediation allows you to choose the topics that you want to tackle. This gives you the final decision regarding your divorce settlement instead of letting the court decide the terms.

Saves time

In general, mediation provides a faster resolution than going through the divorce court. This route lets you resolve the issues without waiting for a court date weeks or months away. Instead of waiting for each of your divorce attorneys to schedule appointments with the judge, you can come to an agreement with your spouse after just a few sessions with an experienced, certified mediator.

Limits conflict

A custody trial can create more conflict between you, your spouse, and your children. Mediation allows you and your husband to come to a custody and time-sharing agreement without family welfare professionals interviewing and observing your children. The more conflict your children are exposed to, the more stress and confusion they may experience.

Allows for greater stability

A successful mediation process can result in better post-divorce stability between you and your future ex-husband. Since your children will forever the link you, it is important to maintain a relationship that lacks animosity. For the next several years, the two of you will have to co-parent. This requires you to be able to effectively communicate and compromise without negative emotions overwhelming one or both of you.

Jerome P. Ventura—Certified Mediator

Our founding attorney, Jerome Ventura, has more than 25 years of experience in family law and is a Family Law Mediator and a Circuit Civil Mediator, certified by the Florida Supreme Court to serve as a mediator in family law and divorce as well as in Florida Circuit Court civil cases.

Oftentimes, divorcing couples do not understand how many of their interests they share in common. Mediation can help them quickly see what they agree on and spend more time solving issues where they do not yet see eye to eye. We have experience helping couples with parenting issues, property division, and finances.

Call (954) 280-6119 to get answers to questions regarding the mediation process. We may be able to help.

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