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Pembroke Pines Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Cases in Florida

Domestic violence occurrences happen all too often when couples are in a hostile relationship or on the brink of divorce. Even outside of a tense family situation, domestic violence can occur and result in one person establishing power over another in order to control their actions.

In Florida, domestic violence includes any unwanted physical contact between two parties who are related, or in an intimate relationship, including married and unmarried couples, as well as between a parent and a child.

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Since these matters are sensitive, having the help of an experienced family lawyer is crucial. At the Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura, we have over 25 years of experience helping our clients obtain justice in matters of domestic violence.

Facing a divorce and concerned about your safety? Don’t wait for the matter to escalate. Call (954) 280-6119 for a free initial consultation about your case.

Signs You May Be Experiencing Domestic Violence

Are you experiencing any of the following unwanted behaviors from an intimate partner or family member? If so, it might be time to secure legal representation for your own safety.

It is time to get help if:

  • They are keeping you from your friends and family
  • They are physically harming you and/or being emotionally abusive
  • They are controlling all your finances
  • They are acting possessive and jealous to an extreme
  • They are stalking you
  • They are withholding any type of medical care
  • They are threatening your life

This is not an exhaustive list of signs and if you feel unsafe in any way, the time to act is now. Get help from a compassionate attorney who can work with you to protect you from any future harm.

Can You File for a Restraining Order?restraining order filed by woman in Florida

Individuals who are experiencing domestic violence can seek protection under the law by seeking a temporary restraining order. They are available to protect individuals from carrying out threats of harm against victims.

If the temporary restraining order (TRO) is granted, a hearing will take place within 14 days to determine if it should be extended or made permanent. If there is not sufficient evidence that abuse occurred, the court may dismiss the petition. Our Pembroke Pines family lawyer has extensive experience representing people who need a temporary restraining order and can help utilize the law to protect you from harm.

Over 25 Years of Compassionate Representation

An accusation of domestic violence is a serious charge and needs to be treated seriously. If you need help, contact our office. We have over two decades of experience handling restraining orders and many other family law matters throughout Broward County.

Free initial limited consultations are available. Call (954) 280-6119 or complete our contact form. Evening appointments are available.

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