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When two parties disagree about child custody and visitation, reaching an agreement about how to move forward can seem impossible. Court-ordered Parenting Plans in the State of Florida can facilitate a couple’s ability to carry out normal activities such as traveling or changing residences.

The intent of Shared Parental Responsibility is to assist the parents in co-parenting, which is usually in the best interest of the child(ren). By retaining the services of an experienced Pembroke Pines child custody lawyer, you will have greater visibility of the legal options available to help you succeed. At the Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura, we have over 25 years of experience helping clients throughout Broward County, Florida, to preserve their family interests.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Child Custody?

You should hire an experienced family lawyer for child custody since there are certain circumstances that call for legal counsel. A child custody lawyer can act an essential advocate in your complicated matter, especially if it involved any form of abuse. Hiring an experience lawyer can help move the process faster and give you a stronger chance on successful custody outcomes.

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Types of Child Custody in Florida

Child custody in the State of Florida is limited to Sole Custody or Shared-Parental Responsibility. This is a subject that has received a lot of attention in legal circuits throughout the country. State jurisdiction also plays a major role in whether or not one parent can leave the state with a child. In Florida §61.13001, the court-ordered parenting plans stipulate that both parents will comply with the state’s relocation requirements. This assists parties who have a need to relocate more than fifty miles from their residence. This also protects parties from relocating with the child(ren) without the agreement of the parties or court order.

With these parenting plans, the court will designate the following, and many more related issues:

  • How parents share responsibility for the child’s daily tasks
  • Time-sharing arrangements
  • Who is responsible for healthcare
  • The address where the child(ren) are registered for school
  • Other activities
  • How parents will communicate with the child

Once these parenting plans are completed, they are binding. To violate them could have serious consequences. This is why having an experienced attorney can help you strengthen your case.

How to Prove a Parent Unfit

The most important things about custody hearings and proceedings are that the court will rule in favor in the best interests of the children. When couples divorce, the separation may manifest in the form of mistrust and grudges created between the now ex-spouses. This may inhibit each other’s ability to carry out their role as parent. In these cases, a court may order a professional evaluator to conduct an investigation to determine the best form of custody whether it be joint or sole.

Here are some factors that will help a judge determine whether a parent as unfit:

  • A history of neglect, alcohol or substance abuse
  • A history of domestic violence against the child
  • Psychiatric concerns – does the parent have any unpredictable, aggressive, or other mental health disorder that may inhibit their role as parent?
  • The living condition of the each parent – does the child have a safe and stable place to live in?
  • Does the parent have good communication between the children and do they spend enough time with each other?

While you may see a concern for your children, you must also take into consideration that any accusations towards your ex-spouse may backfire. Any statements or allegations you provide to the court will be reviewed or questioned. If the court suspects or has determined any false claims, this may result in additional loss of custody, contempt of court charges, or criminal charges of custodial interference.

How Old Does a Child Have to be in Florida to Choose Which Parent to Live With?

Legally, a child under the age of 18 may not decide which parent they prefer to live with. However, a judge will be more open to the opinion of the child as they get older. That said, the court will always rule for what is in the child's best interests. The gender of the parent has nothing to do with who will get custody or visitation rights.

Modification of Timesharing in Florida

parent seeking modification of custody walks with his childIf you wish to modify your timesharing agreement or parenting plan, you must provide evidence to the courts that there is a "substantial, material, and unanticipated change of circumstances," which is why you are seeking a modification to the original plan for the judge to approve your timesharing modification.

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