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5 tips to help you navigate your divorce

Divorce is not just about ending your marriage. It is about securing sufficient support for yourself and your children. It is about deciding who gets to keep the house in Pembroke Pines, how to divide retirement accounts and what property you should fight for. It is also about avoiding some common mistakes than can cost you both emotionally and financially.

It's time to celebrate the prenuptial agreement

For many years, the prenuptial agreement has suffered from a poor, if partially deserved, reputation. Public opinion of the prenuptial agreement has generally held that they are an unromantic document that wealthy socialites use to protect each other's family estates.

Resolving your divorce with mediation

After more than 20 years of marriage, you and your husband have decided to divorce. You are both in agreement that you should terminate the marriage and there is only limited conflict concerning the division of property and custody of your two teenage children.

5 things college students should know about prenups

So you're in college and you're thinking about getting married. Maybe you're planning the ceremony for shortly after graduation, or maybe you're going to get married before you're done with school. You're throwing off tradition and doing things your own way.

Is divorce after 50 all that different?

Being middle-aged has its advantages. Whether it's your first or second marriage, you know the telltale signs that your happiest days as a couple are behind you-and not coming back anytime soon. Maybe there's been an affair, or you've had money or avoidance issues. Maybe you just can't stop arguing over every little (and big) thing. It's a very difficult decision to come to, but you're ready to move on.

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