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Divorce and Family Law Mediation

Divorce, Paternity Rights and other Family Law issues do not always require the assistance of an attorney to represent you. In some cases, when individuals want to stay out of court and resolve the terms of their split without a judge, they opt for mediation. Although spouses have the option of hiring attorneys to represent their respective interests, it is certainly not required during the family law mediation process. Continue reading to learn more about going through the mediation process without attorney representation.

Divorce and Family Law Mediation in Florida

During the divorce or family law mediation process, spouses and significant others can negotiate the details of their settlements with the assistance of an unbiased mediator. Most family law mediators are attorneys who have a great deal of knowledge with regard to the entire legal process. The family law mediator will not give you or your spouse/partner any legal advice and, ultimately, you will have to make your own decisions. However, your mediator will help facilitate productive negotiations and ensure you stay on track.

When spouses get divorced or relationships ends the mediation process without legal representation, is also referred to as pro se mediation.

Below are some of the issues you and your spouse or partner will discuss during these sessions:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Asset and debt division
  • Timesharing issues

Almost anyone can benefit from choosing the divorce and family law mediation process. After all, it generally takes less time and costs less money. However, if it is a divorce and you believe your spouse may be hiding assets or if you were in an abusive situation, divorce mediation may not be right for you and you should consider hiring a family law attorney.

If you have children and choose to go to mediation, the process will also be much easier for your children since it is inherently less hostile. Moreover, since you will work together to achieve a resolution, it will help you create a better foundation for your future as divorced co-parents.

Reach Out to Our Family Law Team to Learn More About the Divorce and Family Law Mediation Process

Not every divorce is meant to see the inside of a courtroom. If you and your spouse are interested in dissolving your marriage through the divorce mediation process, without hiring attorneys, The Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura can help you. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in handling a wide variety of family law matters. Moreover, if you decide that mediation is not right for you, we are also skilled in handling divorce litigation.

Contact our law office today at (954) 280-6119 to schedule a mediation with our experienced mediator or to learn more about the process and if it is the best path for you. Since the mediator is always to remain neutral, members of the mediator’s staff may be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the process and fees.