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Time-Sharing During the Summer

Time-Sharing During the Summer

Summer is often a tumultuous time for families. If you are divorced and have children, it can be even more difficult to navigate with your time-sharing schedules. The key to making this situation work is planning and open communication. Continue reading to learn more about time-sharing during the summer break.

How to Navigate the Summer Break

You and your co-parent probably have a lot of ideas about how you want to spend the summer break. Before either of you starts making plans, however, remember to ask your children what they would like to do. It may not be possible or reasonable to turn all of their ideas into a reality, but you may be able to consider some of them. Children always look forward to the summer break, so keep that in mind as you start making plans.

Ultimately, your time-sharing schedule should be dictated by your children’s schedules, especially if they are going to summer school or have other activities planned. However, some families choose to maintain the same framework they have during the rest of the school year while making a few minor adjustments to give the children an extended visit with each parent.

Lastly, you should also take some time to plan the financial aspects associated with the summer break. Costs can increase substantially during this time and you should both be on the same page. You may want to enroll your children in summer camp, buy new swimwear, or have an increased need for child care. Discuss these financial details with your co-parent and try to work out a fair arrangement that is also best for your children.

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