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Do I Need to Modify My Child Custody, Timesharing or Parenting Plan Agreement?

How to Uphold Your Child’s Best Interests

Child custody, parenting plan and timeshare decisions are determined in a way meant to benefit the child. Custody, timeshare and parenting plan agreements are highly dependent on each parent’s circumstances at the time and the foreseeable future, as well as the child’s current and expected needs. This provides for a positive arrangement for the child in the short term (and hopefully in the long term as well). However, as children age and circumstances change, the established plans may need to be modified to continue providing for your child as best as possible.

Events that Can Lead to a Justified Modification

Florida law is understanding of the changing nature of life and allows for modifications to family agreements to reflect that. Parents seeking a change need only prove that there was an unanticipated and significant change in their circumstances. Common events that lead to amendments include:

  • A change in the child’s relationship with their parents or violation of present court orders
  • A change in the health conditions of the parent or child
  • An allegation of parental alienation or abuse
  • Parental incarceration

Further events can give sufficient cause for modification as well. For example, child support can be modified to account for extra costs required to raise the child as they age, or when one parent’s income and stability are compromised due to job loss or health issues.

Professional Help Changing Your Child Custody Agreements

Don’t suffer in silence from strenuous childcare agreements that are unsustainable. We will help you evaluate your changing situation to understand the aspects you need to address in your agreements and orders for timeshare, parenting plan and custody amendments and work to reach an amicable agreement that appeases everyone.

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