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Types of Divorce in Florida

In Florida, there are two types of divorce – an uncontested dissolution of marriage and a regular dissolution of marriage. An uncontested divorce generally the easiest type of divorce due to the limited number of complications involved where the parties are in agreement on all issues. A regular dissolution of marriage, also known as a regular divorce, can settled as uncontested or contested, however. Continue reading to learn more about uncontested divorces in Florida.

More About Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is appropriately named since this type of divorce involves very few complications. When a divorce is uncontested, it simply means both parties agree to get divorced and see eye-to-eye on each key issues.

Below are the requirements a couple must meet to qualify for an uncontested divorce:

  • The agree on all issues related to minor children
  • The parties or their attorneys file the required Parenting Plan with the court, if necessary
  • Both parties complete a financial affidavit and a property settlement agreement

In most cases only one party is required to appear at the Final Hearing. However, if there is a name change involved for one of the parties, both may be required to attend.

In a regular divorce, spouses must also agree on all key issues. There may be several issues involved, such as property division, marital debts, spousal support, and child custody. In some cases Mediation is required if the parties have not reached a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, a request for a trial date would be the next step. Should a trial be necessary, the parties are allowing the Judge to make the decision regarding any unresolved issues.

Although uncontested divorces are typically easier compared to a contested divorce, you should still hire an experienced attorney to guide you through the process, ensure all paperwork is filed correctly, and that your interests are protected.

Speak to Our Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney to Learn More About Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse wish to get divorced and agree on each issue, you may be able to file for an uncontested divorce. Despite the fact that uncontested divorce presents fewer challenges, it is still essential to hire a knowledgeable attorney to help you navigate the process and inform you of your legal options. At the Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura, our experienced divorce attorney is backed by more than 25 years of experience and is committed to helping clients resolve their family law matters with successful results.

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