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What to Do When Dealing with a Disneyland Co-Parent

A lot of changes ensue after a divorce and, when one party ends up with less parenting time, it often results in overindulgence to compensate for the lost time and guilt. If your former spouse frequently disregards bedtime, allows the children to eat unhealthy foods, or lavishes them with expensive gifts, you might be dealing with a Disneyland co-parent.

Generally, this type of behavior is not a purposeful act designed to undermine one parent’s relationship with the children. Instead, Disneyland parents are typically noncustodial parents who feel they have a lot to overcompensate and make up for, especially if they are spending substantially less time with the children. They often view their limited time with them as a chance to spoil them and maintain a bond.

As a result of this behavior, the other parent might feel pressured to become a more authoritative parental figure to ensure the children develop healthy boundaries and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion for the children and create resentment in the parent who feels compelled to take on a stronger disciplinary role.

How to Manage the Situation

Children need consistency and stability. When one parent is excessively less responsible than the other, the difference in households can make life feel chaotic and uncertain.

Here are some tips on how to manage this situation:

  • Talk to your co-parent: As mentioned above, Disneyland parents are not always aware of how harmful their actions are. The best first step you can take in this situation is letting your co-parent know there needs to be more unity in your parenting techniques to ensure the children feel stable and secure.
  • Do not try to compete with your co-parent: In some cases, one might respond to a Disneyland co-parent through competition. Competing with your co-parent, however, will not improve the situation and you might ultimately end up burning yourself out. If you really want to strengthen your bond with your children, focus on being more present in their lives and spending quality time with them. Help them with their homework and be available to them when they need advice.
  • Have confidence in yourself: Do not feel insecure simply because your co-parent is overindulging the kids. Have confidence in your skills as a parent and build your own special bond with the children.
  • Remember to have fun: Your co-parent may be a Disneyland co-parent, but that does not mean you cannot still have fun with the children. You do not have to overcompensate for your ex’s shortcomings by becoming an overly strict parent. Allow yourself to have fun with the children and create meaningful memories with them. Your relationship with them is not based on how many expensive toys you can buy.

Discuss the Details of Your Case with a Compassionate Child Custody Attorney

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