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Dating During Divorce in Florida

The Dangers of Dating Before Your Divorce is Finalized

Now that you and your spouse are in the process of getting a divorce, you might feel like now is the right time to pursue a new relationship. After all, divorce can be a stressful and lonely experience, and many often feel the need to fill this perceived void with someone new.

Unfortunately, dating before your divorce is officially finalized can have some unpleasant repercussions, some of which can affect the outcome of your divorce settlement. Given what is at stake, you would do well to avoid dating until after you and your spouse have effectively dissolved the marriage.

Below is a list of reasons why you should avoid dating during your divorce:

  • Dating can affect your ability to settle amicably: No matter who initiated the divorce, seeing your soon-to-be former spouse will cause emotional reactions. When your spouse finds out that you have a new partner, you can bet they will feel a little jealous and bitter. As a result, negotiating a settlement might go out the window since they may be unwilling to settle, which means your case will have to go through more litigation, and the decision will remain in the hands of a judge.
  • Dating will likely affect your ability to co-parent: If you and your spouse share children, you will still have to remain in each other’s lives even after your divorce is finalized and the dust settles. Therefore, you should do what you can to nurture a co-parenting relationship that is not hostile. Dating so early on might make your spouse feel disrespected or afraid of being replaced. Instead of fueling your spouse’s fears, insecurities, or feelings of resentment, hold off on dating until after your divorce is finalized.
  • Dating can affect your children: Divorce is an even more challenging experience for children, especially younger ones, who will have a more difficult time understanding why this event is happening. They will need as much help as they can get from both you and your spouse. Your plate will already be full enough with court dates, mediation sessions, and meetings with your attorney. Dating will be taking time away from more pressing matters. Focus on the challenges you are dealing with now and re-enter the dating scene once everything is finalized and you have fewer issues to deal with. If you date during your divorce, your kids might feel they will not get the time they desperately need to spend with you.
  • Dating will distract you from facing your emotional troubles: Divorce can make you feel frustrated, upset, lonely, or like a failure. It can be challenging to face these issues and learn how to address them effectively. If you start dating now, you might never take the time to face your issues. Consequently, you might make a lot of the same mistakes you previously made. Instead, do a little self-exploration, examine any past mistakes you made during your marriage, and once your divorce is finalized, you can get back into the dating pool.

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