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Relocating with Your Children After a Divorce or Paternity Order

After a divorce or ending a relationship which includes paternity issues, circumstances in your life might change, requiring you to move.  If you have children, relocating can complicate matters. Parents who wish to relocate with their children must ensure the new arrangement serves the best interests of the children and allows them to continue a relationship with their other parent.   This would involve the drafting of a new Parenting Plan so that timeshare issues can be clear to avoid future difficulties.  Although it is possible for parents to agree on a relocation, it is highly recommended that you seek the approval of the court and update your court file.   That said, more often than not, parents are unable to agree on this topic and the assistance of an experienced Family Law Attorney would benefit you.

What Should I Do Next?

If you and your co-parent cannot agree on relocation, you will have to proceed through the court system.  If the parties cannot agree during the litigation process, a judge will have to ultimately decide what is best for the children. The judge on your case will examine several factors before making a decision.

Generally, a judge will only grant such a request if the move will greatly improve your children’s quality of life due to:

  • A new marriage
  • Lack of one parent’s involvement in the child’s life
  • A new educational opportunity
  • A better job opportunity with increased income
  • Access to more assistance with childcare by living within closer proximity to family

If relocating would produce an adverse effect on your children’s lives or substantially reduce the amount of contact they have with their other parent, it is highly unlikely a judge would allow you to relocate with them. A judge will not grant a request for relocation if he or she suspects your reason for moving is to end or undermine your co-parent’s relationship with the children. If relocating would improve your children’s lives and provide greater stability and support, it is likely a judge would approve of a relocation.  Relocation matters brought before the court are difficult and demand extensive documentation and support factors.

You should also take some time to help your children cope with the idea of moving. Moving away from their school, friends, and parent will be difficult, so you need to be ready to address any behavioral problems, such as defiant behavior, difficulty sleeping, withdrawn behavior, aggression, and trouble focusing on academics. You might want to consider counseling or therapy for your children if they are having a particularly difficult time dealing with the move.

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