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4 Ways Social Media Affects Divorce

In our modern society, more than two billion people around the globe use social media. From sharing photos and our thoughts to keeping updated with the lives of loved ones and current events, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become a significant part of our daily lives.

When couples are engaged in a heated divorce, arguing over alimony, child custody or child support issues, they may use social media to vent their frustrations or get revenge on each other. However, social media activity provides an abundant amount of evidence which could be used against one or both spouses.

The following are four common ways social media can have a negative impact on divorce:

  • Posts are not entirely private – While social media accounts can be set to private, they most likely aren’t. Many couples share mutual connections online. Peers who side with one party may share information about the other’s activities to determine if any contradictions were made in any legal documents.
  • Posts that indicate true financial standing – If a person claims to be earning a low income to avoid high alimony or child support payments, but share photos of luxurious trips abroad or excessive shopping sprees, the other party or the court may suspect him/her of attempting to hide assets.
  • Posts that undermine your bid for child custody – If a person was supposed to watch the kids, but posts pictures of drinking alcohol or getting drunk at a bar instead, the court may determine that the children are not properly cared for under his/her custody.
  • Posts that make the other spouse jealous – Sharing pictures of a new lover may enrage the other party, emboldening them to seek a highly contentious court battle rather than amicably settling the divorce over mediation.

If you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, you must avoid social media until a divorce agreement is reached. 

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