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Preparing For Divorce

Properly preparing for divorce is critical in reaching an outcome that fosters you and your family's well-being. There are many advisable courses of action prior to filing:

Therapy And Counseling

Divorce is, without question, a serious life move — one that you must be sure is fully wanted and needed. If there are any means of sustaining and maintaining a marriage in a healthy way, they should be tried. After exhausting all possibilities, preparation in terms of financial documentation is critical. This enables you to be mentally and emotionally ready for the process.

Document Preparation

The more financial information to which you have access — all documentation related to finances and income — the better. This allows for building the strongest possible case and for all means of self-help. This preparation is extremely important for spouses who are not the primary income earners. Documentation is extremely helpful to prove your issues.

Any information about the marital estate is immensely important. When you recognize that you have done as much preparation as possible, you can put your mind at ease and move forward. This is particularly the case if your spouse has any unknown or otherwise questionable financial dealings with municipal or other parties (such as the IRS).

Preparation Of Children

One often-overlooked aspect of divorce is the impact it can have on children. It is extremely important to prepare them with the proper communication, counseling and/or therapy, where appropriate.

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