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5 ways to manage stress during divorce

Even if you think your divorce is going to be easy, it is still going to be stressful. You are going to have to face some hard choices, such as whether to keep your home in Pembroke Pines or sell it and split the proceeds with your future ex-husband. In addition, you will have to work out visitation/time-sharing schedule for your children and even which one of you will keep the family dog.

While your financial advisors and attorney can help you make some of the big decisions, they will not be much help in dealing with the stress or emotional side of divorce. That is where your therapists, best friend and the following stress management tips come in.

Do not ignore your needs

If you do not already have a therapist you see on a regular basis, it is time to considering finding one. A divorce support group might also be a good idea. It is important that you have at least one person that you can vent your feelings to both during the divorce process and after.

Stay physical

A great way to release your emotions is through exercise. Not only is physical activity a great way to vent negative energy, it will also help your overall emotional health.

Choose activities that make you feel good

Whether it is reading a good book, getting plenty of rest or going on a new adventure, regularly engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself. People who do things that promote their self-esteem have an easier time of managing stressful situations like divorce.

Let go of what you can't change

There will be many things that happen during your divorce that you cannot control. For instance, you cannot control how your ex behaves or what the judge decides on certain issues. Do not dwell on these and let them control your feelings. Instead, let them go and focus on the things that you can control.

Don't suppress your emotions

Divorce is going to cause a major upheaval in your life and result in emotions that range over the entire spectrum. It is perfectly normal to feel these emotions, so allow yourself to do so. Do not try to suppress them through drugs, alcohol or other destructive behaviors.

If you are considering divorce, you are probably already dealing with high levels of stress. The above tips can help you navigate your emotions throughout the process so that you can come out on the other side ready to start your new life.