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Are You Ready To Divorce Your Spouse?

At The Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura, we understand how difficult it can be to decide if it is the right time to file for divorce. Below, we give you a few questions that you should ask yourself before filing your petition for divorce.

Question #1: Will Marriage Counseling Help?

Seeing a marriage counselor before you ask for a divorce is a good way to gauge if your marital issues can be resolved. If you still have unresolved issues after consulting with a marriage counselor, it might be time to move on and end your marriage. The Courts require that the Marriage be “Irretrievably Broken”.

Question #2: Can I Afford to Get Divorced?

For some people, divorce can end up costing more money than if they were to remain in their marriage. For others, getting divorced can benefit them financially. Before you file for divorce, review your finances to make sure you will be able to support yourself throughout the entire legal process. Don’t get caught up in the emotional aspects of your situation and make sure you are aware of the financial implications of leaving your spouse. There are many far reaching financial issues which must be considered in the decision process.

Question #3: Do I Have Access to Important Financial Documents?

You will need to be able to access numerous financial documents to ensure you are able to obtain a fair divorce settlement. Before you speak to your spouse about divorce, locate documents that can prove the financial factors. The following financial documents should be available for review before filing for divorce:

  • Credit Card Statements
  • Retirement & Brokerage Account Statements
  • Bank Account Statements
  • Asset documentation (Deeds…)
  • Liability documents

Once you have found all of these documents, store them in a safe place. Your attorney will need these documents to effectively prepare for your divorce.

Question #4: How Can I Protect My Assets?

If you have valuable or important assets that you know you will want to keep after your divorce, you need to get a hold of them as soon as possible. Careful documentation is a key factor in preserving assets.

Question #5: What Do I Want Out of My Divorce?

You should know what goals you have for your divorce before you make the decision to leave your spouse. For some people, getting out of an unhappy marriage is the primary objective. For others, leaving their spouse means they can pursue new professional or financial endeavors.

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