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February 2018 Archives

Who gets to keep the house in a Florida divorce?

People typically have a lot of questions when they think about a potential divorce. Most everyone has heard horror stories from co-workers or people they know online. That can make someone who would likely benefit from ending a marriage hesitate about moving forward with a divorce. The truth is that divorce is complicated, and the outcome of each divorce is as unique as the couple obtaining it. There is no sure answer to how the courts will handle any aspect of your divorce.

5 ways to manage stress during divorce

Even if you think your divorce is going to be easy, it is still going to be stressful. You are going to have to face some hard choices, such as whether to keep your home in Pembroke Pines or sell it and split the proceeds with your future ex-husband. In addition, you will have to work out visitation and a custody schedule for your children and even which one of you will keep the family dog.

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