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Family Law Attorneys Here To Help You With Real Estate Matters Pertaining To Your Broward County Divorce

Real estate issues present some of the more common and complicated areas of asset division following a divorce.

It goes without saying that the market has been dynamic and volatile recently, particularly in Florida. As such, there are unique issues regarding principal, potential reimbursement claims, capital improvements, taxation, sales costs, and how and when to sell.

Depending on the parties' financial goals in divorce, these issues can become extremely complicated. It is crucial to partner with an experienced legal team that can help you understand your rights, value assets and structure a plan to help protect your financial interests.

Understanding Unique Issues Involved With Florida Real Estate

At the Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura, our team in Pembroke Pines will work with you to understand what equity you have in any real estate and make the strongest possible case to protect you and your loved ones. As necessary, we can bring in real estate experts to help aid in your decisions and clarify any ambiguity with respect to nuances. We encourage you to reach out and begin preparing for divorce as soon as possible.

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