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Experienced Guidance For Broward County Regarding Inheritances And Divorce

Every divorce is unique. Something that may be important for one couple, such as a large inheritance, may not be as important to another couple.

For those who do have concerns about dividing complex property, like gifts or family inheritances, understanding how such property is equitably divided in Florida is important.

Understanding How Inheritances Are Divided In Your Divorce

When it comes to divorce, only marital property is subject to division between the parties.

In general terms, however, an inheritance from a great aunt is not considered marital property. It stays with the party who received the inheritance if it has not been co-mingled.

Sharing Inheritance Money

However, this premise is set aside if, for instance, an inheritance is co-mingled between spouses. For example, if one party receives an inheritance, deposits that inheritance into a joint bank account and then uses that money for marital expenses, it will be subject to division.

It's important to note that the law is never cut and dry and the law will apply differently based on different scenarios.

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