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6 things to know about child custody mediation

Child custody mediation is one way to resolve a child custody matter. During mediation, you and your ex can work together to come up with the terms that govern your specific child custody arrangement, including parenting time (time sharing) and shared parental responsibilities.

Mediation is often a preferable solution for several reasons.

#1: Mediation puts parents in charge

Going through mediation means that you must work with your ex. However, doing this puts you and your ex in charge of the terms. This is often best for the child because you and your ex know your child better than any officer of the court.

#2: Mediation teaches children to work with others

Your child will notice that you and your ex are working together, even if he or she doesn't fully understand what is going on. Eventually, your child will realize that it is possible to work with people on important matters even when you don't get along.

#3: Mediation sets the tone for the remainder of the child's life

When you go through mediation, you are taking part in a non-adversarial process. This sets the tone for communication for the rest of the time your child is a minor. Instead of going into the child custody schedule filled with rage and hostility, you and your ex can go into it calm and working as a parenting team.

#4: Mediation can address all the issues

You can address all child custody issues when you go through mediation. In fact, some of the best child custody agreements are those that are comprehensive. Be sure to cover decision making, holiday schedules and similar matters that might require agreements in the future.

#5: Mediation is kept on track by a mediator

The mediator is an impartial person who only wants to help you come to resolutions. The mediator helps to keep the focus on your child. You can't focus on what led to the divorce or things that have occurred since. Child custody mediation isn't a time to try to get back at each other. Go into the process with an open mind so that you can make sure the choices you make are best for your child.

#6: Mediation is often faster than trial

Often, mediation is a faster resolution than waiting for a trial. This ensures your child can try to settle into the new way of life much faster instead of being left in limbo while you and your ex battle over child custody matters.