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Broward County Family Law Attorneys With Expertise Handling Divorces Involving Substantial Assets

By no means are all divorce or family law situations created equally. Executives, business owners and seniors involved in family law issues may have unique and immensely complicated issues that require special expertise. Those who own substantial assets, such as real estate, also need special attention.

If you are working through complex or high-asset family law issues, reaching an ideal outcome requires the skill of an established law firm, adept at handling tracing, valuation and appreciation/depreciation aspects of property division.

Over 25 Years Of Experience Handling Complex Divorce Matters

Our team at the Law Office of Jerome P. Ventura, P.A. has worked on some of Florida's most complex and high-asset family law issues for more than 25 years.

We often work with a network of financial and forensic experts and professionals to help value complex assets like real estate, businesses and retirement assets.

Mr. Ventura uses an actuary to determine how retirement plan benefits should be divided, and he makes sure to hire a tax specialist in complex divorces to minimize his clients' tax obligations.

He also uses expert appraisers to evaluate assets including antiques and artwork.

Pursuing The Best Outcome For Your Situation

Whenever possible, we will try to pursue settlement and collaborative methods. That said, we also understand that high-asset issues can be hotly contested. If we are unable to reach an outcome through negotiation, we are prepared to go to court in pursuit of your interests.

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