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Your child deserves support - here's how to establish paternity

Being a parent is a very difficult job. It is also expensive. As a single parent, you may be struggling to provide for both you and your child. Your child's father should also bear part of the responsibility for raising your child. In order to enforce a legal order for the father to share the obligation of child support, you have to establish paternity.

In the state of Florida, both parents are required to support their children until they become 18 years old. In addition to receiving help support your child, your kid also deserves to have a legal father. A local Pembroke Pines attorney experienced with family law can help you with the process of establishing paternity so that your child gets the support he deserves.

After the birth

You can establish the paternity of your child from any time after his birth until he reaches 18. Both you and the father will have to fill out and sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity form in front of two witnesses or a notary public. You will have to mail the completed form to the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics and they will update your son's birth certificate. This route is your best option unless the father is denying his role in the birth of your son.

Establishing paternity by order

If the father refuses to acknowledge paternity, you can establish it by filing a civil action in a circuit court. A judge will review your case and decide whether or not paternity is established. Usually the judge will examine evidence, such as a paternity test, to determine the paternity of your child.

Rights and benefits of your child

Establishing the paternity of your child's father provides certain rights and benefits for your son. For example, not only will he know the identity of his father, but he will also have access to his full family medical history. In addition, he will be eligible for child support and medical support.

Legal rights of the parents

Once you have established the paternity of your son's father, you now have a legal right to claim child support. The father will have the right to file with the court for visitation rights. In addition, you will both have a say in major decisions concerning your son. These decisions include education and medical treatment.

The process of establishing paternity can be very complex and difficult. However, in order to receive the child support that your son deserves, you must be able to prove the father's obligation.