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Uncontested Vs. Contested Divorce: Do You Know The Difference?

In a nutshell, an uncontested divorce means that both parties have agreed on all terms prior to the trial, including distribution of assets. A contested divorce occurs when the couple cannot have a mutual agreement successfully due to certain disagreements.

Many people do not realize that they have these options. If you and your spouse are parting amicably, an uncontested divorce may be a less expensive and less stressful alternative. However, if your separation is due to heated issues, you may proceed with a traditional contested divorce.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?Couple getting a divorce

An uncontested divorce is possible when both parties are able to agree on all terms of their divorce, including spousal support, child support, property division and child-related issues. To prevent a potential conflict of interest, a lawyer may represent only one side at all time. However, the other spouse is free (and highly encouraged) to retain his or her own lawyer.

Through a series of negotiations or revisions, both parties may ultimately reach a comprehensive settlement agreement and proceed to a final hearing.

What Is Contested Divorce?

Many divorces start out uncontested, but regress into a contested divorce when couples are unable to reach mutually acceptable agreements. In a contested divorce, each spouse retains separate legal representation. Any negotiations over property division, alimony and child custody, parenting plans and time-sharing are handled through legal counsel. When it appears that an agreement cannot be reached, the case will quickly move forward to mediation in an effort to prevent a trial before a judge. If mediation proves ineffective, the case will then proceed to trial.

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