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It's time to celebrate the prenuptial agreement

For many years, the prenuptial agreement has suffered from a poor, if partially deserved, reputation. Public opinion of the prenuptial agreement has generally held that they are an unromantic document that wealthy socialites use to protect each other's family estates.

While some of those notions are factual, this is an extremely narrow and unimaginative view of a document that can be just as romantic and non-bourgeoisie as you allow it to be.

If you are approaching a marriage, you should certainly consider creating a prenuptial agreement - no matter who you are or what assets you may have between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

When carefully crafted, and made with an eye for what is truly important or stressful for you and your partner, a prenuptial agreement can set you up for a stronger marriage altogether.

Prenuptial agreements remove areas of strain before they arise

One of the most overlooked benefits of a quality prenuptial agreement is its power to remove stress from your relationship.

Let's say that you have a great deal of personal debt and your partner does not. Unless you take preemptive measures, your spouse may take on your debt once you marry, or especially if you divorce.

Similarly, one of you may have a business that is getting off the ground, or maybe you plan to start a business soon. Without taking proper precautions, the business can become marital property and be subject to division in a divorce. This may mean any employees of the business see their livelihoods threatened by your personal relationship.

A prenuptial agreement can also protect your intellectual property from future ownership claims, even if you have not fully formed the creation.

Prenuptial agreements are, of course, quite useful in protecting certain assets from being subject to division in a divorce scenario.

While many people dismiss prenuptial agreements as "a built-in backdoor to marriage," in reality, a well-crafted prenup can strengthen your marriage by dealing with these potential areas of relationship strain before they have an opportunity to bring stress to the relationship at all.

When you and you partner come together to create a prenuptial agreement that truly protects each other's interests, it can be a beautiful gesture that speaks to the maturity and grand scope of your relationship. Being willing to agree to fair terms in the event of a divorce removes much of the fear of a divorce that may never come.

Seek out experience to craft a strong agreement

Crafting a stellar prenuptial agreement is beautiful, but it is not always simple. Creating the right agreement for your relationship may mean dealing with complicated legal issues, and a poorly constructed agreement may not hold up in court.

If you are ready to craft a beautiful agreement to start your marriage off on the right path, be sure to seek out the guidance of an experienced attorney who can escort you through tricky legal terrain and protect each party's rights.