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Representation Handling Broward County Divorce Matters Involving Executive Compensation

Corporate executives, board members and other highly compensated employees in large business organizations are frequently offered investment options unavailable to other employees. In addition to the competitive and often generous salaries they receive, they are often given incentives and compensation packages that are paid out over time.

These methods of deferred compensation encourage these professionals to stay with a business and to do whatever is possible to build it.

When these same executives are involved in a divorce, extremely complex issues with respect to property division arise.

Substantial Experience Handling Complex Assets In Divorce

If you are working through these and similar issues in your divorce, reach out our firm for assistance. Our substantial experience working on complex and high-asset family law issues readies us to address any executive compensation divorce issue.

Together with over 25 years of experience, we often utilize forensic experts to assist with the process to help determine both the immediate and long-term value of these types of assets.

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