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Certain divorces create unique issues, such as hidden assets

Regardless of the situation, going through a divorce is never easy. Couples with significant assets, however, have a greater risk of dispute over property and other matters. If a couple is unable to divide their property and debts on their own, courts will step in and resolve these issues in a manner that is equitable and fair, the method Florida requires

One party, though, may be hesitant to hand over the ultimate decision about property division to a judge. In some cases, a spouse will take steps to hide assets from the other spouse and the court.

Grandparents: Your child's divorce and access to grandchildren

It's a harsh fact that many couples face divorce in modern families. However, its prevalence doesn't mean that it is easy or a pleasant thing to go through. As the parent of a person going through a divorce, it is likely to bring great stress on you.

You may feel helpless in being able to support your children in navigating the hardships of their lives, and you are also likely to be concerned about your grandchildren, as well as what your future relationship with them might be.

Who gets to keep the house in a Florida divorce?

People typically have a lot of questions when they think about a potential divorce. Most everyone has heard horror stories from co-workers or people they know online. That can make someone who would likely benefit from ending a marriage hesitate about moving forward with a divorce. The truth is that divorce is complicated, and the outcome of each divorce is as unique as the couple obtaining it. There is no sure answer to how the courts will handle any aspect of your divorce.

One common concern is worrying about what will happen to the marital home in the event of a divorce. Will the courts allow you to live there, or will your spouse keep the home? After all, your home is a major investment, and it's only natural to worry about losing it. While there is no certain answer to this critical question, informing yourself about Florida laws can help you understand the most likely outcomes.

5 ways to manage stress during divorce

Even if you think your divorce is going to be easy, it is still going to be stressful. You are going to have to face some hard choices, such as whether to keep your home in Pembroke Pines or sell it and split the proceeds with your future ex-husband. In addition, you will have to work out visitation/time-sharing schedule for your children and even which one of you will keep the family dog.

While your financial advisors and attorney can help you make some of the big decisions, they will not be much help in dealing with the stress or emotional side of divorce. That is where your therapists, best friend and the following stress management tips come in.

Divorcing after 50? Avoid these missteps

Divorce at any age is difficult, but when you are over 50 years old, it may seem especially so. You will have to face some big changes. For example, if your husband took care of paying the bills and the mortgage on your Pembroke Pines house, you may now have to handle these kinds of things on your own. In order to make the adjustment to your new life as painless as possible, it is important to avoid some common financial mistakes.

Making the wrong move during your divorce can cost you significantly. Avoid these common missteps and you can protect your finances from divorce.

Will your spouse's bad behavior impact custody in your divorce?

Everyone has a reason for seeking divorce, but some people experience more serious issues than others in their marriage. If one spouse has become physically or sexually abusive or developed addiction issues during the marriage, it can put everyone in the family at risk. These kinds of situations can lead to dramatic divorces and serious concerns.

If you hope to divorce a spouse who is abusive or an addict, you likely also worry about how he or she would treat your kids during parenting time or visitation. In fact, the likely outcome of the custody case could determine whether or not you decide to divorce your spouse. While it's impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of a custody case, you can look at the factors courts use to determine child custody and parental responsibilities to predict the likely outcome.

Understanding how Florida divides assets during a divorce

Getting a divorce generally means a lot of social and financial uncertainty. You may not know where you will live, what days of the week you can see your children or how much you'll still have of your retirement savings. Unless you have an ironclad prenuptial agreement on record for your marriage, it can be quite difficult to predict the likely outcome to the asset division process.

The more assets a couple has and the longer they've been married, the more complicated the asset division process becomes. Even separate assets may have ended up co-mingled with marital assets over the years. Understanding how Florida courts handle the asset division process can help you better understand the likely outcome of the process.

Your guide to co-parenting

Even though Florida courts typically support shared custody -- otherwise known as "shared parental responsibility" -- managing these types of situations can produce an enormous amount of stress, not just on you, but your children as well.

For example, if you are parenting in a successful and healthy manner, but your future ex-husband is not, then your children could suffer the negative effects. Furthermore, your children could be at risk for developmental problems along the way. The same holds true if there are vast differences in disciplinary techniques, for instance, if you are more lenient and your ex is strict.

In order to co-parent successfully, the two of you must operate on the same page. You each have to practice patience, communication and flexibility. This can be extremely difficult for parents that are separated or divorced. One of the key ways to keep your co-parenting on track is to keep your children as the focus. For some tips to help make co-parenting successful, read below.

5 tips to help you navigate your divorce

Divorce is not just about ending your marriage. It is about securing sufficient support for yourself and your children. It is about deciding who gets to keep the house in Pembroke Pines, how to divide retirement accounts and what property you should fight for. It is also about avoiding some common mistakes than can cost you both emotionally and financially.

During the divorce process, it can be very difficult to keep things in proper perspective. You may be dealing with anger, hurt and even depression while at the same time trying to make decisions about your future. By following the tips below, you can make your divorce easier.

Understanding how your divorce could impact your retirement

When people think of divorces, typically young couples come to mind. However, it is increasingly common for couples over the age of 50 to decide that it's time to call it quits. Sometimes, these divorces are the result of simply growing apart over the years. Other times, it's the result of restlessness due to empty nest syndrome. One spouse may have had an affair. There are many different reasons why couples who have been together for decades decide to divorce.

Getting divorced when you're approaching retirement can have serious consequences. That doesn't mean that you should stay in an unhappy marriage, but you absolutely need to plan carefully. Especially in cases where spouses cannot agree to terms for a divorce, the potential for major expenses ahead could have a negative impact on your ability to retire.

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