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Expertise Handling Military Divorces And Related Matters For Broward County

Complex Nature Of Military Divorce

Active service members have specific and unique issues to address in the divorce process. The biggest is that in a military divorce, both state and federal laws come into play, unlike typical divorces, which are governed by state law alone.

Additionally, military retirement funds are calculated by service years, according to Florida law and other methods. Depending on the specifics of these issues, valuation and division issues can be complex. Partnering with an experienced legal team is immensely important in protecting your interests.

A Thorough Understanding Of Military Protocols Relating To Family Matters

At the Law Offices of Jerome P. Ventura, P.A., we have helped clients work through military divorce issues in Broward County for more than 25 years.

Our team will help you address all issues with respect to asset division, including:

  • Residency requirements
  • Compliance regulations and requirements
  • Pension division
  • Division of other military benefits
  • International issues
  • Active duty and employment issues
  • Actual income determination (LES) pursuant to Florida Law

Working With You From The Outset to Your Case Conclusion

Regardless of the issues you face, we work directly with you at the outset and through to the conclusion of the case. If necessary, we can get in touch with valuation and asset division experts to ensure that we build the strongest possible case in pursuit of your well-being.

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