Helping Broward County Residents Resolve Family Law Matters Through Collaboration

Handling divorce and other family law matters through litigation isn't always the best route for individuals. Fortunately, alternative dispute resolution methods like collaboration are available.

What Is Collaborative Law And How Does It Work?

The collaborative process involves a series of four-way meetings. Each party is represented by his or her own attorney in an informal meeting outside of court.

Alongside their lawyers, the parties work together in good faith to find resolutions to family law matters such as child custody and visitation, alimony, property division and more.

During collaboration, there are often professionals involved. Financial consultants, real estate and property appraisers and child therapists are among those who often participate.

Advantages To Collaborative Law

Resolving divorce and family-related disputes through collaboration has many benefits.

Unlike litigation, collaboration allows the parties to come to their own agreement without a judge, who knows nothing about the situation, making decisions.

The cost of collaboration is also much cheaper than traditional litigation. It also tends to be more efficient.

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