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Enforcing And Modifying Child Support Orders For Broward County

Parties often need to revisit original child support orders. In some cases, it's because of the need to enforce an existing order.

How To Enforce A Child Support Award

When child support is owed but not paid, there are avenues parties can pursue to collect rightfully due amounts.

A state agency is typically tasked with locating parents who owe child support payments and enforcing those orders against them.

In the event of nonpayment, those in contempt can be sent to jail. A judge also has the authority to suspend professional or business licenses or revoke a driver's license.

If the past due child support amount exceeds a certain level and the responsible parent lives in a different state, the federal government may take action under the Child Support Recovery Act.

Modifying Child Support Awards

Child support orders can also be modified if a substantial change in circumstances exists.

In some states, child support awards are reviewed on a regular basis. Either party may also petition the court to recalculate the amount of support. In some cases support is increased if, for instance, the payer earns more money or medical treatment is needed for the child.

Alternately, paying parents may also petition the court to decrease the amount of future child support payments. This occurs in instances such as a job loss or if the custodial parent's income rises. Federal law, however, prohibits the dismissal of any past due child support payments.

Legal Help

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