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Helping Broward County Fathers Assert Their Parental Rights

Florida courts promote healthy, stable family relationships. They tend to believe that children of divorced or unmarried parents should have the benefit of being raised by both parents.

In some circumstances, however, one parent simply cannot agree to this arrangement and either fights for full custody or against time-share privileges.

Legal Representation For Fathers In Parental Alienation Circumstances

Florida law provides for equal responsibility, involvement and benefit of both parents to the children as a starting point for time-sharing. This is called shared parental responsibility. While the courts do not automatically side with the mother, fathers' rights need to be protected equally.

At times, it can be very difficult for fathers to overcome the lingering bias of the "tender years doctrine," a now defunct legal concept that declared it preferable for children to live with their mothers during their formative years. "Best interests of the child" is still the determining factor.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a parent, wishing to keep a noncustodial parent out of the picture, to exploit this bias or even raise false accusations of domestic violence to prevent custody or time-sharing. Should parental alienation become an issue, it is recommended to seek immediate an experienced lawyer to resolve the matter.

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Jerome P. Ventura will prepare a strong and compelling case designed to illustrate why you should remain a constant presence in your child's life and combat any unfair or damaging accusations.

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