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Helping Parents Understand And Resolve Child Custody Matters

Resolving child custody disputes is often a big — if not the biggest — issue to finalize in a divorce.

Becoming familiar with the terms and types can help parents better understand the process and what will best fit their situation.

Child Custody / Shared Parental Responsibility

The parent who has physical custody of the child after a divorce has the daily responsibilities of caring for the child while the child is with that parent. One parent can have sole custody, meaning that parent lives permanently with the child. Or, both parents can have joint shared parental responsibility / custody, where the child lives with both parents at varying times.

Shared parental responsibility involves the rights to make decisions regarding the upbringing of the child and can include medical decisions, religious decisions and educational decisions, among others.

Different Methods To Resolving Child Custody Matters

At the Law Offices of Jerome P. Ventura, P.A., we have assisted many parents with child custody matters. In some instances, alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or collaboration, outside the courtroom walls is the right way to resolve custody and visitation issues. In other more hostile situations, litigation may be the most appropriate avenue. In certain situations, the use of a Guardian Ad Litem is sometimes helpful.

Helping You Figure Out The Best Plan For Your Situation

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